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Sunset and Palm Trees


Passionate About Casting

Joe Mahler is a leading American fly-fishing writer, illustrator, and casting instructor. His fly-casting articles and illustrations appear in publications such as Fly Fisherman and Outdoor Life. Known for his easy-going personality and effortless casting style, Joe is a popular speaker at sport shows and club events. Through his Fly Casters Workshop, Joe has had students from every state in the union and 11 different countries. Students have included fishing guides, world record anglers and tournament fly casters.  

In more than a dozen years of dedicated teaching, Joe has developed an approach that focuses on the individual – goals, physical limitations, and the student’s learning style. Each student is encouraged to show up with a “wish list” of how they would like to improve. Maybe the student is completely new to fly fishing, or an angler that has fly fished for 20 years and wants to perfect their skills. Or perhaps you have a special trip coming up and you’d like to be at the top of your game. In any case, each lesson starts where the student is. No “cookie-cutter” approach or standardized lesson plans. Each student is unique and so is each lesson. There is no one right way to cast a fly, only the right way for you. 

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